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After prayerful consideration, we are officially announcing that as of March 3rd, we will be transitioning to a two-service schedule, with times of 9 and 11 A.M

We are incredibly joyful with what God has been doing in His church, but the truth of the matter is that we are quickly running out of elbow room. Coastee Kids classrooms are at max capacity weekly, we’re having to rely on our café overflow seating often, and an average of thirty cars are forced to park on our backfield due to a consistently full main lot.

Church growth statistics report that once a church’s parking lot and seating reaches 80% capacity, its expansion is severely impeded. We believe that this change will make a space for, as Psalm 115:14 states, “the Lord to increase [us] more and more, [us] and our children.”

In addition, this second service will double the opportunities for people of our community to hear and receive the Gospel and will offer members of our serve  teams an opportunity to both serve and attend a Sunday service. The wellbeing of our faithful volunteers is a high priority of ours.

We believe this opportunity to multiply the reach of Coastal Chapel will bear spiritual fruit.  We see God doing MORE than ever before through our Church family!

We are asking that you partner with us by doing two simple tasks.  First, prayerfully consider which service you will build.  That's right!  We need your partnership to see this vision succeed.  Choose between the 9am or the 11am and start inviting your friends and family now!  

Secondly, join a serve team today and invest yourself once or twice per month in the Church you love.  As we said before, serve one and attend one.  Be a worker for the 9am service and then shift over to worship at the 11am.   You can join a team here.

We are so grateful for you.  Let's steward this opportunity together and build something special for generations to come.

Ron & Erin